Let the Love Flow…

Today is my baby brother’s 50th birthday, so I am harassing him as a loving sister should. He is my only sibling and he’s 3 ½ years younger than I am. I am very proud of him. He is one of the best men I’ve ever known. He is a dedicated father and husband, son, uncle, pop-pop and brother. He is friendly, caring and smart (he has a master’s degree.) He likes beer, Oreo cookies, The Philadelphia Eagles, NASCAR, country music and fires, but no one is perfect.

I started Geocaching. Four generations of my family found our first cache in Boundary creek Park on Sunday. You should have seen how excited we all were – as if we had found a real buried treasure.

Two weeks ago, I twisted my right knee for the second time. I did it in my sleep. I couldn’t walk for two days. There was a very loud pop when I tried to go up the stairs. It was like when you crack your knuckles only fifteen times louder. I am currently walking upright, but the muscles around the knee are sore. I refuse to be disabled in this way, since I can certainly do something about it. Losing weight and daily exercising are now a must.

I am thinking that re-writing is harder than writing. I am making progress on Married to Death but it is so much slower than I had hoped.

My husband put in my new dishwasher and he’s painting the living room. 

Things in general are moving forward, just very slowly.












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