rabbit, rabbit

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I did not finish NaNoWriMo this year (boo boo face.)

I was so tempted to cheat but I figured what for – I’d only be cheating myself.

I got about 30,000 words done, a complete story outline and a new writing program.

I cleaned my entire office. The studio part is not quite done yet. I was beginning to have a serious hoarders sort of problem which needed major attention.

I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year which was very yummy (except for the overdone brussels sprouts.)

I have been going to a gym. Man, do I ever hate exercise. But my iPod has some kick-ass tunes on it. My daughter and my neice are my coaches.

My daughter is now my agent slash manager so I am now required to produce some sell-able writing and art so she doesn’t starve to death. Please make her rich.