17 + 5 = shuck & jive

A light came on last week. Not a sudden light like for a spectacular idea or an opposites kind of light but more like a light that comes on with a dimmer switch, a gradual awakening from sensory deprivation, the burning away of fog after six months of bare awareness. I may have made up for not writing a single simile or metaphor during all that time in that one sentence. I hate it when I can’t function for months on end (and just going to work each day is not what I consider functioning – that’s robotics.)

Menopause has been kicking my emotional ass. It’s worse than PMS any day. I don’t usually obsess over aging but I’ve been feeling ancient. Nothing has seemed worth doing since life as we know it was over.

I’m hoping I incubated some images and stories I can use in my writing which I feel like doing again.

Snoogs, The Prince and I are learning American Sign Language (ASL.) We are doing the five most important: please, thank-you, sorry, kiss and I love you.

Books recently reviewed on Amazon:

Time Untime (Dark-Hunter Novels) by Kenyon, Sherrilyn 11/18/2012
Feeding the Mind [free] by Carroll, Lewis 11/18/2012
On the Edge by Andrews, Ilona 11/19/2012
The Dark Path [free] by Romyn, Luke 11/24/2012

Current reading list:

76 Fallacies by LaBossiere, Michael
CK-12 Algebra I – 2nd Ed, Vol 1 Of 2 by CK-12 Foundation [free]
CK-12 Basic Physics – 2nd Ed by CK-12 Foundation [free]
German: How to Speak and Write It by Rosenberg, Joseph
Improving Your Storytelling: by Lipman, Doug
[Beyond the Basics for All Who Tell Stories in Work and Play (American Storytelling)]
Quiet: by Cain, Susan
[The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking]
Storm Front (Dresden Files, Book 1) by Butcher, Jim

I currently own 240 books on my Kindle. I’ve been getting many free ones.

Visited with the parental units so they could get some face time with The Prince. They had a good time. Opa got to play catch and Oma got to feed him. Happies all around.

The little golden lion sat still in the grass waiting for me to approach. Like all ferocious beasts of the wild , he had infinite patience, enough to allow me into his hidden trap. As I was about to stumble over him, he used his magic and turned into a faded bouquet of artificial yellow daisies.