what have you been up to lately

Here are my current projects and what I’ve done this week on each:

The Salt Lover’s Guide to Magic – book

Each section of the book is titled, defined and blurbbed, put on index cards and mounted on my murder board so I have a visual representation of the whole.

Star Fish – mural

I’ve done 3 layers of the night sky on this wall painting.

Cornered – desk painting

The background is done, I have the idea for the main body and I’ve designed the framework.

Infrastructure – Christin’s painting

As you see, it now has a title. Titles keep me focused on the final image. I have the dimensions and the colors and I’ve printed out several sample images for inspiration. Each of these are up on my project board.

Jersey Strong – James’ tattoo design

I have a picture of his current tattoo, the words he wants me to do the design on, the dimensions of his current tattoo and images of the ideas I have planned for it. These are up on my project board, too.

Spider Mum – paper flower wall collage

It’s not really a collage but I can’t think of what else to call it. It will be a spider mum (my favorite flower) made out of paper that will be mounted on the wall. It will be white with hot dark pink highlights with a variegated green stalk. I have images as inspiration and what I want it to be at the end but I still haven’t figured out it’s construction.

Cleaning – cleaning

And I am cleaning up and organizing my studio as I can’t really move it’s got so much crap in it. Plus, I have seriously limited my work space and I can’t find things I know I have. I do believe that “a clean desk is a sign of an empty mind” but even I admit this messiness is out of hand. Plus, QV insists the stuff is going to fall through to the first floor soon.


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