Thursday Thirteen – Me & Music


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1. I love Amazing Grace played on bagpipes (it’s my favorite song) and not just because I love a man in a kilt.

Men’s bare legs are so sexy…

01 …sorry, I was distracted, again.

St. Andrew’s Ceilidh 2008, The Rebel Pipers – Amazing Grace

2. I always have the radio playing on the drive to work. I switch between stations to keep music playing the whole time. I find people talking in the morning very annoying. Who am I kidding? I’m almost always annoyed.

3. I never have the radio playing on my drive home from work.

It makes me cringed. I need quiet.

4. I want a piano. I will have one someday.

5. I prefer live music to listening to it in any recorded form.

6. I like the bass, with its pounding beat vibrating through my head. I like bass players, too. They are laid back and cool. My least favorite instrument is a screaming guitar and I’ve never much been fond of the people who like to play that way. They are usually brash and insane. (Yes, I am making broad generalizations. Political correctness is a dirty word, even though it’s actually a phrase but you get my meaning.)

0011 (2)

7. I think The Beatles are highly over-rated as musicians.

I dislike Paul McCartney’s music the most.

7. I can play the violin, guitar and piano and I can read music, but none of it very well, because like Eliza Bennet (from the A & E version of Pride and Prejudice) I don’t practice or apply myself to it.

8. I play a CD of a thunderstorm at my desk all day at work to stay calm.

9. I have a pretty apple green iPod but I haven’t listened to it in about six months. I don’t know how to put music on it. My daughter and son-in-law loaded the music for me.

10. I listen to Gregorian chants when I don’t want to be distracted.

11. I chose The Monkee’s “I’m a Believer” as my wedding song. Yep, yes, I did. They were so cute. I watched their TV show all of the time.

12. I picked Van Morrison’s “Browned Eyed Girl” as my daughter’s song when she was born because she has big, beautiful, dark, soft-brown eyes.

13. I get serenaded by my husband. He croons in the style of Frank Sinatra.

0012 (2)

“I” started every one of these sentences with “I” because “I” needed to be the center of attention after having to deal with completely-unreasonable-screaming-banshee-woman.  I can’t tell you about this adult (that’s in physical years, not actual maturity – a grown man’s pseudo mommy aka a nutso girl friend) but you should just know that sometimes my life is a living hell.

31 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Me & Music

  1. Thirteen – um, I guess there were and I seemed to think I read them all. Monkees – loved him, might have to disagree about the Beatles, my husband can’t carry a tune, yeah, I guess I read through but it was SO very hard to get past the first one. Heavy sigh. 🙂

  2. I love the Monkees!! So much fun! of course, I also love the Beatles! I took a couple of years of piano as a kid, and I really wished I would have stuck with it….my parent’s were too easy on me!

    Happy TT!

  3. OMG I love your wedding song. I loved the Monkee’s also. I thought they were great. And finally someone doesn’t care for the Beatles. I have never understood all the hoopla over them but oh well that’s just me. 🙂 LOL…Can’t load your iPod with music..You can do videos, do art, write but can’t load music. Go figure LOL 🙂 Connect it to your computer, launch iTunes and away ya go 🙂

  4. Ha ha! You played the Monkees at your wedding but you think the Beatles are over-rated? I’m fairly computer literate, but I did not find itunes intuitive. But now that I have an iPhone, I forced myself to go look at their instructions on-line so I could make up playlists and load them.

  5. What a lovely post! I agree with your number 1, ah yes, they are very sexy in kilts!;) And your last one is very romantic. Music is very important in our lives, I have always thought.;) xo

  6. So good to know that whatever or whoever happens, there’s still music.
    Good to know you play the violin, too!
    For me, bagpipes are strictly an open air instrument. But I do like them outside.

  7. i is a perfect good word to start the sentence with, i’ve never worried about that, heee heee heee. and is it the bare legs or the kilt, hmmmmmm???

  8. Laughing at you using I statements. That’s a good counseling technique too. I may have said this before but the way you do the TT is the way it was meant to be done, as a way to say what’s new and get to know players better. That’s the way the founder designed it but it has turned into themed lists in many cases now.

    I saw an excellent show on PBS about how the Beatles were largely responsible for bringing down the Berlin wall. The kids were so changed by their music and the government couldn’t control it, even though their music was banned.

    I have to dig out an old tape of Monk chants now.

  9. I am pretty sure that Amazing Grace being played on THOSE bagpipes by THAT young man would probably become MY favorite song too… at least for the moment.

    I totally agree about live music being preferable to recorded music – and live I will listen to absolutely ANYTHING – including rap – so long as it’s not foul!

    You cracked me up with Gregorian chants — because I always say I will listen to ANYthing BUT Gregorian chants. (but I do admit they have their place in the world – however when I don’t want to be distracted any soft instrumental will do for me…)

  10. You mean Brown-Eyed Girl wasn’t about me?? Well, shoot. Seriously, though, have I got a bass player for you! He’s my fictional creation and I bet you’d dig him.

    All that aside, I’m with you. Radio stations should play music, not some music and a lot of talk. I actually switched over to satellite radio to get rid of the yakking!

  11. I disagree with you, Nessa. I found several ‘sentences’ that DID NOT start with “I.”
    Quite a few were started with other pronouns, it, he, they.
    Then “Men’s” in an uncompleted sentence for number one. I also found a “Who” and even a “Yep” but I will quit this silliness now.
    All in all it was a very good “I” meme. And, yes, every topic did start with the trusty “I” as first letter. 🙂

  12. Wow, I never thought of giving Goom a song…I like it. We have similar tastes. I always cry when hearing live music. I LOVE the bagpipes but again they make me cry.
    much love

  13. LOL I’m playing the Monkees *right now* while reading this; it’s on Pleasant Valley Sunday.

    Correction to number 1: SOME men’s bare legs are so sexy, and if you doubt me, look at my husband’s, the poor guy. LOL

    I drive in silence too. If I play music, I’ll be too distracted to drive properly!

    This was a great list Nessa–I loved it! Sorry to read that last line, but we all know that situation in our lives too I suppose.

  14. I got distracted by the first picture too 8)
    I loved The Monkees and their tv show, that brought back so many dear memories!! I can only play guitar and only a bit. Can’t read music and I would love to be able to!!!
    Off to play some tunes 🙂

  15. I had trouble moving past #1. I really like listening to the bagpipes. I also have to agree about too much chatting on the radio. It’s enough to drive a listener to change stations…oh, wait. I do change stations!

  16. i hope “i” has a great day…i love bagpipes..flatfoot 56 does an amazing heavy metal and bagpipe rendition of amazing grace…you are musically talented as well…and your hubby…nice.

  17. Wow – so you don’t like the Beatles, but liked the Monkees??? What’s up with that, Nessa??? My wedding song was: Why Do Fools Fall in Love, because I got married on April Fools Day. Loved your 13, hon.

  18. Hi, I read Quilly’s blog regularly and just joined T-13. Your wedding song is unusual, but I think it’s cool. I LOVE music, too. I also laughed at your comment about men’s legs. AHhhh, a woman who knows! I’m sorry you’ve had an awful week recently. Gem and I have the initials to our song engraved in our rings. We also have songs for each of our daughters. I cannot sing to save my life, but music saves my sanity.

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