Monday’s MeMe – One Is Not Like the Others

01I have done or experienced all of the following except one. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to let me know here in the comments which experiences we have in common and tell me which one you think I have never experienced. There is no prize for guessing correctly which item is not true because I am cheap. Then, make up your own list on your own blog. Look for the bogus entry on tomorrow’s post.

1. I have had a man’s crazy girl friend point a gun at me.

2. I have personally known two killers.

3. I have lived in my car.

4. I have driven a tractor/trailer.

5. I have fallen asleep while driving and run into the back of an armored car.

6. I have been locked in a lightless attic.

7. I have broken my leg.

8. I have run a strip club.

9. I have a tattoo I designed.

10. I have broken someone’s nose by punching him.

* * *

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39 thoughts on “Monday’s MeMe – One Is Not Like the Others

  1. If the tattoo was a butterfly, I could believe that. Your life has been more dramatic than a novel. I sort of wonder how you got away from the girl with the gun. I’ll just have to tune in tomorrow.

  2. We have none in comon. I’m an angel.And I think #2 is what you have never done. As for my 10…I can’t do this. I don’t have a lot of weird junk like this happen to me. LOL

  3. I don’t think you have been locked in a lightless attic, least I hope you haven’t. I don;t think we have much in common really, judging by your list. But I have driven a tractor – very badly. And broken my leg a little bit, it was only the fibula.

  4. My goodness!!!! For me, the only one in your list that WOULD be true for me is that I designed my own tattoo. Now, as for the one that is false, I’d say #5 – and my logic to this would be if you DID run into an armored car, I’m hoping it’d be loaded with MONEY…and you’d be rich ’cause you’d get the cash that was flying all around when you ‘came to’ and not be here blogging but you’d have bought your own private island living in leisure!!! Am I right? [roflmao]

  5. Wow. I’ve never had any of those experiences. Guess I don’t get out much. I’m guessing you have never run a strip club, and I’m basing that on the feminism of your novels.

  6. I dunno Nessa….all of it sounds like something you could have done. I’ll opt for broken your leg…because it seems pretty ordinary and not the kind of thing you would do.

  7. I am with Quilly on this, I think #7 you have not experienced.
    I can relate to some,just a different versiou. I have been homeless, given someome a black eye, locked in a closet and only known one killer(he was executed last year).

  8. You really have led an exciting life. Personally I can claim 2 & 3. As for which you haven’t done, hmmm… I guess I’ll just guess #8. I’ll definitely be back tomorrow to find out the answer.

  9. wow…I have never done ANY of these!!! And I would not even know where to start to guess which one you didn’t do, as they are all so amazingly out-there.

  10. Crikey Nessa you’ve lived – dangerously! The only thing we have in common on that list is that I’ve broken my leg! LOL

  11. Nessa, I think your running into a tank is a lie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I lived in my car in my late teens and early twentys. I did have a place to put my head but often didn’t do that. I spent more time in the car than any place but work.
    Lots of fun there, it held six.

  12. #9 is the only one we have in common ( I designed all of tattoos). With a list like that picking the false one seems like a crap shoot, at least you’ve never been bored! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. The only one on your list that I have done is broken my leg.
    How boring am I?
    The only exciting bit is that got it as a pedestrian when a car hit me. The year+ recovery time? VERY boring.

  14. I think I’m quite fortunate to have NOTHING in common with you! I have only personally known ONE killer – and I only knew him when he was a baby. (however I am related to him…)

    I WISH I could say I’ve driven a tractor trailer… but I haven’t.

    I will GUESS the one that you have NOT done is to run a strip club.

  15. i dont have any of these things in common with you

    although running a strip club seems interesting,
    i think this is the bogus statement…

    this is a cool game and i hope you check out my list

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