Tuesday’s Tales in Two Hundred – Going in Circles

He was going away for a weekend with the boys. She packed his bag. He had all he would need for a worry free trip. She hankered for alone time so couldn’t get him out the door fast enough. Off to the woods he went.

They felled the rotten tree in the morning, chipping it into mulch for swamp fill.

Their work done, showered and ready to drive into town, they bent to put on their shoes. He put one sneaker on and tied it. He reached for the second shoe and paused, staring at it. His father-in-law and brother-in-law watched as he pressed speed dial on his cell phone.

“Hi, Honey,” she said. “Are you having a good time?”

“If you didn’t want me to go to the bar, all you had to do was say so.”

She heard her father and brother break out in hysterical, childlike giggles.

“What are you three doing now?”

“I can’t get out the door,” he said. “You’ve got me going in circles.”

She heard something hit the floor. She suspected someone fell. She held the phone away from her ear as the laughter grew in volume.

“You packed me two left shoes.”

* * *

Because I took a few days off, I must now write 2,213 per day instead of 1,667 to make the monthly quota. Today I wrote 2,334 for a total of 19,151.

If you would like to read my NaNoWriMo novels

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you can click the links below:

Happenstance (2006)

Ancestral Head (2007)

Ranee’s Revenge (2008)

Just remember they are completely unedited

with the exception of spell check.

* * *

The one thing from yesterday’s list that I did not experience was a broken leg. I have never broken one of my own bones. Over the next few weeks, I will elaborate on the other items on the list. Kudos go to DOUG for remembering that I mentioned the armored car incident before.

33 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tales in Two Hundred – Going in Circles

  1. What a great story. Maybe I should follow along and say LOL! This is wonderful! I do hope it’s a true story since the first two comments are that LOL. And so it was no broken leg hmmm I can’t wait to hear about the two killers.

  2. That was some story, as was the armored car incident. I’m just saying again how impressed I am with your Nanowrimo efforts. I’m pretty sure I’d need two years, all in Novembers.

  3. I thought for sure it would be she packed only high heels to teach him a lesson.

    I’m planning on taking time off for Thanksgiving, and am trying for 2,500 a day. So far it hasn’t worked out.

  4. It was very well written. But it makes me worry about how he got there, I mean, is that a place where you go barefoot and work barefoot except when you go to a bar? Or is the key word “sneakers”. I’ve not been feeling well lately and my head is cloudy.

  5. That’s what he gets for having his wife pack his bag. I used to make mistakes all the time with my first husband because I subconsciously wasn’t interested. But this was funny and a good tightly paced read.

  6. Great story. Believe it or not, I have a client to manufactures socks that are marked with an R and an L. If he had two right socks to go with the two left shoes, would it have compensated?

  7. Okaaaaaaay… so today you just completely DISAPPEARED off my google reader! I looked… and I looked… and I LOOKED again! Nope… No Chrysalis Stage. So, of course, I went into my comments… because I knew I hadn’t been here… and there you were. But you were NOT in my Google reader! Nessa… you simply have GOT to STOP disappearing like this! I nearly MISSED this adorable little story! And… finding out that you really DID run a strip club… *sigh*… LOL!

  8. *giggles* I love this story! I will remember this the next time I want my husband to stay at home 😉 .
    Wow, I keep on getting amazed by these One Is Not Like The Others. You have been through a lot of adventures, Nessa. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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