Three Word and Thirteen Thursday

Quilly hosts Three Word Thursday every week.

She reintroduces us to words we’ve never met.


Then, there’s Thursday Thirteen every week.

Toss some salt over your should and play.

13 The mess that follows is what happens when you recklessly combine the two. If you have sensitive sensibilities, read no further.

13 things you may find in one of my stories (yes, I know I actually have to write a story in which you can find them first.)

1. Fantasy stories often have torture scenes in them and it would be useful for the villain to know if the hero is really in pain, so I will need an odynometer. This item is also called an algesiometer or algometer.

01 2. A Manananggal is an Filipino mythical creature that can fly after separating itself from the lower half of its body. It eats babies and fetuses from a mothers womb.


3. Werewolves love to eat babies and corpses.

4. Evil witches eat babies.

5. The Roman god Saturn overthrows his father Uranus. It was prophesized that a son of Saturn would in turn overthrow him, so Saturn eats all of his children as they were born. Ops, his wife, hid her sixth child Jupiter on the island of Crete. She offered Saturn a large stone wrapped in swaddling clothes instead of the child. Saturn eats the rock. Jupiter later overthrew Saturn and all of the other Titans, thus taking over the cosmos.

6. KRONOS was a Greek Titan god of destructive time before Saturn.He overthrew his father, castrating him. Afraid of a prophecy that he would be overthrown by his own son, Kronos swallowed each of his children as they were born. Rhea, his wife, saved the youngest, Zeus, by hiding him on Crete. Kronos also ate a stone instead of the infant. (These gods weren’t too bright.) Zeus, when he grew up, forced Kronos to disgorge his siblings. He led the Olympians  against the Titans, and drove them into the pit of Tartaros.


7. My evil villain will have to be a brephophagist, too, because we all know that people we hate are baby killers.

8. I am not a sagittipotent any more although in college I did quite well and I still shoot my pretty blue bow on occasion, but my heroine will have great skills in archery because bows and arrows are cool and sexy.

9. A spect scan can show how much of the brain “lights up” in response to pain.

10. You can use the scale of 1 (very minimal pain) to 10 (the most excruciating pain you can imagine) to determine how much pain your victim is in, but I think the screaming will make it obvious.

11. The French eat babies. There’s a picture.

12. Longbow Oz – Master Archer & Beaver Hunter (35 seconds)

This guy might appear as the village idiot.

13. I could have a William Tell scene where the villain shoots at the hero’s son or the heroine that the hero loves.


None of the images in this post, except the 13, are mine.

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green butterfly Doodle @ The Chrysalis Stage


20 thoughts on “Three Word and Thirteen Thursday

  1. My aren’t you the clever one. Well done and GREAT use of the words. I love the Village idiot and that photo is well edible LOL 🙂

  2. So that’s why Sagittarius is holding a bow? Sagittipotent is a strange word that my spell check doesn’t recognize. A potent archer? like Saggittarius?

  3. Nessa, I’m not sure I understood it all, but it was good use of Quilly’s words! I’m smacking my head right now because I could have used brephophagist in reference to a Mardi Gras King Cake!

  4. Thank you! Amoeba and I were talking about the baby killers in mythology. We had the two stories confused. Amoeba suggested I look it up, but it was bedtime and I just wanted my pillow! Great use of my words.

  5. Nessa, I need one of those pain meters. Mrs. Jim and I both have this pain in the leg now and we would like to know how we got it.

    Your pictures are nice, but the YouTube guy was staged and a bit vulgar I might add. It has a message although I won’t be thinking about what it is.

    I was thinking of you this morning, someone Googled “dream interpretation: leaking roof” and got to my blog. Are you sure your leaky roof isn’t just a dream?

  6. Absolutely amazing, though you seemed a little enthusiastic about the baby eating :00)) Perhaps it was just me. I loved all of the historical information included though. That was great and will give me things to ponder.

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