T13 brought to you by the letter A

Yesterday’s photograph was of a pool of water on the corner of my house. The down spout from the gutter fell off because of all of the icicles hanging on the gutter. Melting snow and ice dropped into the pool creating the bubbles. The view was from directly overhead, looking down at the rocks on the very bottom.

13 Thursday Thirteen Hub

(1) Animals are people, too.

20091101 005

(2) Apples, especially green Granny Smith’s, are yummy, good for you (with 3 kinds of fiber, so they are extra filling) low in calories and can wake you up better than a cup of coffee. Pair with a hard-boiled egg for a perfect mid-meal snack. And they originally come from…

(3) Australia, a country I would like to visit because they think the Amber Fluid is Ace! (I don’t really drink that stuff. We all know I prefer G & T’s or woo-woo’s.)

(4) Austria, Salzburg, (think Sound of Music) is the home of my heart.

20090403 - Castle

(5) Alena is the name of the main character in my 2006 NaNoWriMo novel, which I am rewriting, editing and sending out this year, damn it!

(6) Aunt to two wonderful and beautiful nieces and great-aunt to one clever little boy.

aunt ant(7) Ante Meridiem, (am, a.m. or A.M.) Latin for “before noon.” I am not a morning person even though I get out of bed every day at five (5.) I require a minimum of eight cups of black coffee to be anywhere near functional. I’d prefer getting up at the crack of three in the afternoon, staying up all night and going to bed at five in the morning but that hasn’t happened in about 25 years.

(8) Art. My father’s and my brother’s middle names are Arthur but we’ve never called either Art.

(9) Arts and Crafts. I like to draw, paint, crochet, knit, quilt, bead and make cards. I have also made fine metal jewelry, ceramics, and leather items…anything that strikes my mood. You can see some of my work at Creationist Thinking.

cornucopia 02 20090806

(10) Air. I love wind, maybe because I’m an air sign. My sign’s Libra. What’s your sign?

(11) Amazing Grace is my all time favorite song especially when played on bagpipes by cute pipers.

The Tartan Terrors Sample Video on YouTube – Music, Comedy, Kilts and Pipers

(You can see Sean around the 5 minute mark)


I’ve posted this picture before, but can you blame me?

(12) Amethyst is not my birthstone but it is the stone for February. I do have a lovely ring from when my mother was modeling in Europe. It is about 55 years old. Purple is not one of my favorite colors and even though I rarely wear this ring, I still love it as it brings back memories of me playing in my mother’s jewelry box as a young girl. Amethyst is Greek for “not drunk.”


(13) Amazon dot com because I heart my Kindle big time.

0 - green butterfly 3WT – Rose and Prince Brendan Chapter 12 @ The Chrysalis Stage

0 - v

22 thoughts on “T13 brought to you by the letter A

  1. Nice A-list. Love apples, except for Granny Smiths which are far too tart for me. I only like them in apple sauce or baked with brie cheese or something like that. And I’m a Libra, too.

  2. Nope. Post that picture of that hot many ANY time. Know what’s funny? I keep staring at those amazing calves he’s got. There’s so much else going on that’s wonderful and I’m totally caught by his calves.

    Amazing. (tee hee)

  3. Hey, you’re good at As! And I’m glad to finally know what a woo-woo is.

    By the way, and listen up, Tom, I’ve never been to Salzburg but I hear Mozart liked it. (Been to Vienna, though)

  4. Great list! I loved your gorgeous amethyst ring. I never knew that it meant “not drunk” Good stuff!

    The Sound of Music has always been one of my favorites. One day I will make it to Austria!

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