Thursday 13 – Census Questions

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These were the thirteen questions asked on the 1850 US Census.

1. Dwelling houses and number in order of visitation.

2. Families numbered in the order of visitation.

3. The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the 1st day of June, 1850, was in this family.

4. Age.

5. Sex.

6. Color – White, black, or mulatto.

7. Profession, occupation, or trade of each male person over 15 years of age.

8. Value of real estate owned.

9. Place of birth, naming the state, territory, or country.

10. Married within the year.

11. Attended school within the year.

12. Persons over 20 years of age who can not read and write.

13. Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict.

Census questions for other years

2010 Census Questions

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34 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Census Questions

    1. Yes, as you would know since you are so good about it, but if people take the time to comment, I want to acknowledge it and some people don’t list their emails.

      I saw a commercial about the census for this year. I was curiuos about what questions they would ask this year and found the list of other questions. The first census just “Happened” to be 13 questions.

    1. This year’s census only has 10 questions.

      The 1850 census had an appendage of additional questions for slaves and indentured servants.

  1. That was cool that there were exactly 13 questions in 1850. The one question really set my teeth on edge although I realize it’s just the way things were back then … “deaf and dumb” grrrr

  2. I came to really appreciate the census when I was doing family research. I also found a goldmine at the parish church in the town in County Cork my grandmother was from.

    Glad they have improved the questionnaire, I assume!

  3. It seems that some of the questions could be used today. We had our Census a couple of years ago, there were two forms, the quick one and the one with all the questions. I was lucky I got the short one, I think the Census Taker was in a hurry to get home, it was late in the evening.

  4. The 2000 census looks to be pretty complicated. Glad it’s simpler this time around. Interesting and disturbing questions for 1850, but it’s a sign of the times.

  5. I want to thank you for all the comments you have left me in the past. I get behind a lot too but will still “make rounds.”
    I very seldom return to see if anyone has replied in their own comments about what I have lost. Just saying.

    Our poor Doug can get worked up, I generally see what he had to say the day before. Others where my mean spell has been at work I may return to see how I have been insulated. Mostly I don’t.

    I like your census questionaire. It seems to be more personal than we have in today’s. 🙂

  6. This is most interesting. This reminds me of the crazy questions Mike & I were asked when we got our marriage license: 1. Are you cousins? 2. Do you have syphilis? 3. Are you insane?
    I wonder if that’s changed as much…

  7. This is absolutely crazy! Interesting to say the least. I have to wonder… were these people during these times that ignorant, uneducation, or what? I know we have our problems now, on a different level, but c’mon! Geezz…..

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