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The earth moved under me. I stood with my legs wide apart for balance and stability but the vibrations crawled up my body knocking my cells together like bumper cars at the carnival. My vision blurred; my teeth chattered; my flesh wobbled. I turned off the weight loss vibrating belt and all was normal again.

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53 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. OMG I thought you were on a woo woo binge here LOL. This is just too funny and I sure didn’t expect the ending. Well done 🙂

  2. Ha, This brings out the lols! I remember when my mom had one and I would play w/ it as a kid. The encases that memory perfectly.

  3. Vanessa Kilmer…?
    Earthquakes never entered my mind on this one!
    Where did you have that Vibrator srapped?
    MOST excellent and Saucy 55 My Dear
    Thanks for the cheap thrill,
    And have a a very relaxing Week-End..G

  4. LOL! That is GREAT! Who in the world invented those things anyway… and HOW were they supposed to make us lose weight??? Talk about a scheme!

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