Pooped Post

My daughter and grandson came to visit this past weekend. She partied with friends and slept the whole time. I did baby watch, so I did very little else.

Between weekends consumed by family and workdays filled with audits, insurance renewals, change of TPA’s and yearend reporting, in addition to normal day-to-day activities, this pooped post was the best I could do today and it’s several hours late to boot.


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10 thoughts on “Pooped Post

  1. Don’t feel obligated on my account!
    I love popping over and catching up on your news but blogging shouldn’t be an obligation.
    Hope life gets a bit more calm for you.

  2. Rest. You have a right to a real life, and if I had to choose between blogging and your adorable grand son, I am pretty sure Nicholas would win and he’s not even mine!

  3. I’m sO glad there were no PHOTO’s to go with this post! (you thought about it though, didn’t you? Admit it… you did!)

    Tis the season Girl! Hang TIGHT!

  4. I am so sorry but I cannot feel sorry for you…at least not about the spending a day with your Grandson
    part…as a matter of fact I am a little jealous about that.
    I am not however, jealous about your job…that sounds daunting to me.
    Blogging should be a pleasure not an obligation…rest.

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