I have to figure out how to make Cody’s ear feel better. i put medicine in his right ear and massaged it. Tonight I will put the wash in. I think i just have to keep after it and not let any days go by.

I stepped out my door into fog. I’ve never understood the saying “fog as think as pea soup” because while pea soup is thick the first thing I think of is “pea green.” And I’ve never seen green fog. I looked the saying up and it comes from burning coal in London when the smog was yellowish and toxic. The Clean Air Act of 1956 banned the burning of coal for household use due to the Great Smog of 1952 when over 12,000 extra deaths were attributed to the phenomenon.

My fog was just opaque and wet although it could have been deadly since visibility was reduce to about 50 feet.

I am, finally, again, working on married to Death. i am disgusted that I continuously allow myself to be distracted by other things. Billy Pappas spent 9 years focused solely on his drawing of Marilyn Monroe. I don’t want to be that obsessed but i’d like a little portion of that kind of dedication.

I forgot to post this from yesterday. I was distracted by the news that my husband was laid off yesterday. His company farmed his division out to a contracting company. This is actually for the best as he has some better opportunities to go after and he would not have done it if not forced. Now I just need to convince him that it is for the best.