Quid tu agis?

I love todo lists. I have several in my google docs and a few in excel spreadsheets and of course I have three paper notebooks filed with things I need to get done. I get the feeling my todo lists have become an end in and of themselves.

Dustin M. Wax at www.lifehack.org has a short article on how to make todo listing more organized. Back to Basics: Your Task List has some good ideas to simplify your lists and yet make them more organized and productive.

I like the idea of making each task more specific and complete as in “Call Edith @ xxx-xxx-xxx to see if she signed and mailed her POA papers back to the lawyer” instead of just “Edith.” The first requires less work of my brain and therefore less stress.

I will be adding ‘context’ to each item in the future. My life/day is very compartmentalized so adding @home, @office, etc will make organizing easier.

(Quid tu agis? = What do you do?)

omne trium perfectum – Three online todo list options:



Ta-da Lists

Merry Meet & Blessed Be

4 thoughts on “Quid tu agis?

  1. I use Toodledo as well. Not very much any more as well as ToDo Online. They get to complicated for my pea brain to figure all out. So I’ve come upon Notificant and use it all the time. It’s short sweet (140 characters or less) and too the point and it serves my tasks that I want to do just great.

  2. Good luck with that. The best I can manage is to get the things I absolutely HAVE to do done and let the rest fall as they may. . . .

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