Too Little but not Too Late

It won’t surprise you to know that I am behind on my word count. One would think after a weekend with no real plans, I would have used my time wisely and bulked up on my numbers but no, of course not.

What did I do?

I played with my Corel Paint Shop Pro X which I’ve had for years but never bothered to really learn how to use it. What better time to start than during November when I have committed my time to writing 50k words on a new story. Yeah, procrastination is my middle name, my first name and my surname. I watch several hours of free online tutorials. I ended up upgrading my program to the newest version. Sweet.

Then there was the rest of the time I spent on a trial version of Scrivener, a program to organize writing projects. If you win NaNoWriMo this year you can get their program at 50% off. I have my whole project for this year in the program. It’s very helpful for organizing the story. For $20, it’s less than the cost of actual notebooks and index cards.  I put in my outline, set up my chapters and began plotting my scenes. Writing in chunks of 500 words is easier than thinking about 50,000.

I did go grocery shopping and did laundry, too.


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