PERFECT never finishes

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Normally, I would rip out a page with a messy heading like this one but “PERFECT never finishes” so despite the creepy tinge I felt along my biceps I kept writing and was able to finish my journal entry for the day.

SAFE never starts – I set myself a goal this past week of doing things for only ten minutes. One session of 10 minute writing on Married to Death, 10 minutes of chores, 10 minutes of exercise, etc. Each task I set for ten minutes has gone on for 30 minutes and more and I’ve gotten so much done this week. I have even turned off the TV for 10 minutes and kept it off for hours at a time.

PERFECT never finishes – I am concentrating more on just content in the tasks I start instead of going back and fixing typos, looking for the right word, looking up characters’ names when I can’t remember them, that sort of thing. I am getting more words written per session.

VICTIM never acts – I am not so much influenced by outside organizations but I am worried about friends and family. I am speaking up when I think the image others have of me or that they want me to have conflicts with what I want. I didn’t expect this at all.

I did a mindmap of the main characters of Married to Death and their relationships to each other with Alena as the central idea and I’m using this as the roadmap to my 10 minute writing sessions.

We went to Cowtown Rodeo last night. Now, I can say I’ve been but it’s not really for me and Nicky is a bit young but Brandon, who’s almost seven seemed a bit bored. I eventually took them both to the car and they said that was the best part of the rodeo.

Nicky and I are getting ready to get in the pool. It’s still stinking hot and humid. At 11am, it’s already 90 degrees.

To get started on your path consider How To Think Sideways by Holly Lisle.

~ Merry Meet and Blessed Be ~