I’m A Communist

There are two kinds of people in the world:  those who love chocolate, and communists. ~ Leslie Moak Murray

This is my Sweet Spot Map, a mind map of things that are important to me in some fashion. I have discovered that I am afraid of pickles. Mind mapping or clustering is a technique advocated as a way to come up with ideas in Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways course. You can find the “Sweet Spot” in Lesson 2.

I am currently immersed in Lessons 1, 2 & 3. I am wanting for Fiona, my muse, to give me 3 story ideas so I can move on to lesson 4.

I’ve visited The Shadow Room, made mind mapping a favorite tool, delved into FEAR, PERFECT, VICTIM and FEEL  to unblock my psyche, met Frank, my left brain, Fred, my right brain, and Fiona, my muse and I’ve produced 3 different story ideas.

There’s lots of fun and free stuff at Holly Lisle’s site.

I’m really itching to write on MtD but I am trying to be patient. It’s not like I don’t already have the story. I have been making notes to ratchet up the tension and excitement. I’ve also found the hook for “Sean the Vampire” and made copious notes on my 3 book Magic series.

I’ve used my new tools to address “life” issues.

I have decided that I will use Kindle Direct Publishing when Married to Death and my Magic series are reading for sale.

I have been wearing my seatbelt every single time even though it’s a pain in the ass.

My stone back splash in my kitchen is close to completion. Just needs to be grouted. No, I’m not doing it. Geez, you’re silly.

Crap, it’s Wednesday already and the year is 2/3’s of the way over.

Hey, I downloaded Easy Voice Recorder Free on my Android. I think this ap (look at me all cool with my techno speak) will work well for note taking while I’m driving. Much better than trying to find my pad and felt tip pen.  Safer, too.

I get all of my most excellent ideas while I go mindlessly from one place to another.


~ Merry Meet and Blessed Be ~

One thought on “I’m A Communist

  1. Nessa, awesome mind map!

    I’m doing How to Think Sideways too and loving it! I’ve been a bit slack though, have been on Lesson 4 for weeks because I wrote a novella and now I’m desperately trying to get my Little Yellow Writing shed finished.

    But tell me, isn’t it possible to be a communist who also loves chocolate?

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