WABWM 20120823

I’m addicted to school supplies. Today’s new batch. I love the little plastic case for my index cards.

I love reading about the way everyone writes. It feels good to know I’m not alone in what happens.

I wrote my 250 words this morning in preparation for actual novel writing tomorrow morning. I plan on writing from 5 – 7am each week day before work.

I am working on my scene cards. I let Fiona have her way last night with the card titles. We had fun. Following the sentence layout is a bit more difficult but still fun.

With an outline, I’m pretty sure I can get way more than 250 but I’m sticking with that number so I don’t have a heart attack if I don’t do more.

Today: Scene sentences. I’m liking this process. Focusing is a good thing. I forgot for a while that they did not need to be in order. Just scenes. Lots of lovely scene ideas.

I changed names of characters, too. The new ones are much better.

Today’s Word Count: 250 (in scene sentences)

Total Word Count: 3,009 (Shooting for 80,000 for a self-pub novel)

Tomorrow’s Plan: The official start of writing on the book.

My Overall Goal: 1st draft of Married to Death (80,000 words) done by my birthday, October 2nd.

Married to Death by Vanessa V. Kilmer (coming soon to Amazon)

A teenaged widow, in love with a slave, forced to remarry by the misogynistic STATE, uses salt, sword and sense to save her people and bring murderers to Eternal Justice.

Holly Lisle’s “Write a Book With Me

~ Merry Meet and Blessed Be ~