WABWM 20120824

Scene 1 is as it should be. I was very focused on my goal because of the scene card. I wanted to go off on a tangent (and idea for a later scene, not the opening) but I stuck with it and I am happy with the result. Exciting, action packed and I got in the info I needed for the beginning.

I am camping this weekend with Vinnie (the husband) and my Silly Banana Peel (the grandson) with brief appearances by The Snoogs (my daughter) but since I get up so early, I will still be able to write.

I had forgotten that when filling in the scene cards, I shouldn’t worry about order, just write scenes I want to include. I got the first 3 with no problem, then stalled yesterday.

Began making timeline notes.

Today: Finished the opening scene. Focused on action words (man do I love writing in the passive voice. Yuck.)

Today’s Word Count: 332

Total Word Count: 3,341

Tomorrow’s Plan: Finish scene cards. Begin organizing them in sequence.

My Overall Goal: 1st draft of Married to Death (80,000 words) done by my birthday, October 2nd.

Married to Death by Vanessa V. Kilmer
(coming soon to Amazon)

A teenaged widow, in love with a slave, forced to remarry by the misogynistic STATE, uses salt, sword and sense to save her people and bring murderers to Eternal Justice.

Holly Lisle’s “Write a Book With Me

To read an excerpt from the opening scene and play Flash 55, visit my blog. Flash 55 – Tease

~ Merry Meet and Blessed Be ~