Everyone Has the Answer








you can’t know what’s in a person’s mind

buried under the quiet, looking out from those eyes

so please stop being sure of yourself

preaching out of anger, reaching out from pain

don’t use tragedy to further your agenda

grieve in genuine sadness, shed tears from the heart

make the world a better place by loving those close to you

instead of lashing out

before you speak retribution, take a deep breath

hug someone.

your smile will improve the world more than public vitriol.

[In Memoriam – 20121214]

2nd person poem for dVerse ~ poets pub










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4 thoughts on “Everyone Has the Answer

  1. dont use tragedy to further your agenda.

    i feel there will be quite a bit of that going on in the next bit here after what happened yesterday. i will say that its pretty sad when you can get a gun faster than you can get mental health in a country…but hey, we’re saving money….ugh

  2. I always feel that the attention should be focused on the victims. There should be no pictures published of those who commit these acts of violence. Give them no glory.
    I can’t say I have a lot of sympathy for this sort of person. I have sympathy for all on a basic level, but on a purely emotional level, I can’t muster anything for someone who commits such a hateful act.
    From my psychology studies, I learned that sociopaths are difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat because they don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. Not all sociopaths commit violent acts, but I don’t believe that those who do can be rehabilitated. They need to be locked up for life so they don’t have a chance to do it again.
    Not much likelihood that there will be greater access to mental health treatment in the U.S. anytime in the near future. It’s becoming harder and harder to obtain health care of any kind, and the costs are beyond exhorbitant.
    It may get me lambasted, but I am a proponent of stronger gun control laws.

    1. Our poor health care system regarding the mentally ill in general is deplorable.

      I can’t see why anyone needs a gun that shoots multiple rounds in less than a second.

      I think one of our main problems as a nation is that we are always looking for a quick fix when most things require multi-layered solutions.

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