what have you been up to lately

Here are my current projects and what I’ve done this week on each:

The Salt Lover’s Guide to Magic – book

Each section of the book is titled, defined and blurbbed, put on index cards and mounted on my murder board so I have a visual representation of the whole.

Star Fish – mural

I’ve done 3 layers of the night sky on this wall painting.

Cornered – desk painting

The background is done, I have the idea for the main body and I’ve designed the framework.

Infrastructure – Christin’s painting

As you see, it now has a title. Titles keep me focused on the final image. I have the dimensions and the colors and I’ve printed out several sample images for inspiration. Each of these are up on my project board.

Jersey Strong – James’ tattoo design

I have a picture of his current tattoo, the words he wants me to do the design on, the dimensions of his current tattoo and images of the ideas I have planned for it. These are up on my project board, too.

Spider Mum – paper flower wall collage

It’s not really a collage but I can’t think of what else to call it. It will be a spider mum (my favorite flower) made out of paper that will be mounted on the wall. It will be white with hot dark pink highlights with a variegated green stalk. I have images as inspiration and what I want it to be at the end but I still haven’t figured out it’s construction.

Cleaning – cleaning

And I am cleaning up and organizing my studio as I can’t really move it’s got so much crap in it. Plus, I have seriously limited my work space and I can’t find things I know I have. I do believe that “a clean desk is a sign of an empty mind” but even I admit this messiness is out of hand. Plus, QV insists the stuff is going to fall through to the first floor soon.


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2 thoughts on “what have you been up to lately

  1. At this point, the Undead in the Netherworld blog and trying to finally get Rose’s book to press have taken priority over everything else. My house mate (ex husband, not anywhere near as scandalous as it sounds–no Jerry Springer stuff going on) is moving to Montana in two weeks. I don’t know, maybe I’ll finally get this house in some kind of passable shape and get the stuff out of the storage unit so I can stop paying that expense.
    Well–you asked! 😉
    Happy New Year, by the way.

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