New Year’s Day, Delayed

Happy New Year.

It’s 2019 and I intended to post this 3 weeks ago. Life bullied its way into my consciousness and I let it derail me once again.

I’m shooting for extra-small, mini goals and super-duper, huge goals. These choices are based on the opposite poles of goal setting theory (baby steps vs. 10X)

My goals, in random order:

Write, Revise, Publish (my mantra for 2019)

250 new words every day (adding to my new novel about the Jersey Devil and my monthly, online novel, Sean the Vampire.)

Self-Publish Bizarre Bits – Volume 1: a book of 13 short stories end of March 2019

Submit Revena’s Revenge: not a pretty love story to agents in February 2019

Nessa’s News – set up monthly newsletter (you can sign up for the newsletter above by submitting your email address)

Website Wednesday’s – post every Wednesday, reviewing my writing goals

Outline and plan free pdfs

Essays on the day-to-day lives of my characters

DIY MFA BOOK CLUB (You can get the book HERE.)

You can read my recent blog post Origin of the Species about the first time I thought of myself as a writer.

That’s enough for now. Let’s see how I do.