A – Muse Me

Forest Jane gifted me with a pixie of a Muse.

Jane is a fabric artist specializing in quilt making. She also knows how to use a muse.

I present Ceibhfhionn (pronounced Kay vin) the Irish goddess of inspiration.

You can tell from her hair that she is full of the fire of creativity.

Thank-you, Jane.

I have updated my website a bit.

If you look on the bar above you will find links to my online novels.

17 thoughts on “A – Muse Me

  1. Thanks for the links! And glad you like her. 😉

    Better keep her away from any cats though. I have the pipe cleaners to make them in a drawer,and every time I open the drawer, one cat comes running.. lol

    1. That’s a nice fairy to have. We should clone them and send them out to populate the world.

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