A Bad Poem as Recap


I went not so far away,
But intended to laugh all day.
I did more than that
Like a loony bat
And here’s the instant replay:

We traveled to the Jersey pines
To hear the Devil’s whines.
Although I was never connected
My brain wasn’t adversely affected.
I sipped on lemon cocktails
Forgetting about my emails.
Watching the stars in the night
I didn’t think of either website.
I got two lip-locked kisses
From someone else’s missus;
Survived a thunderous flood
That created a pit full of mud;
Stayed a whole day extra
Was I happy? You betcha.
But now I’m behind,
So be patient, be kind
I will not rest, but I won’t lie,
It may be a day before I come by.

18 thoughts on “A Bad Poem as Recap

  1. I suppose I, too, may never see
    A poem lovely as a tree
    But I have heard a sweeter sound
    Than every branch on the way down.
    It sounds to me that on this date
    The wise and patient both will wait.

  2. She has to rhyme
    and eats no thyme
    she drives me nuts
    it’s a kick in the butt

    her poems are back
    and that’s no slack
    she tells her tale
    with no email

    She had some fun
    and that’s no pun
    these dam old poems
    just grate on my nerves


  3. Sounds like it was an EVENTful weekend! Glad you got an extra day of it – and had a good time! Like Quilly… I’m a little curious about those lip-locked kisses… and wondering if their MIGHT have been some mud wrestling as well?

  4. I had to Google missus and just found out that it means someone else’s wife. Now I’m joining the curious ones here ;). Great recap to keep us busy guessing while you’re catching up on things. Miss you, Nessa. Have a great week 🙂

  5. And I thought of all the bad luck and struggles we went through
    How I lost me, and you lost you,
    what are these voices outside love’s open door
    make us throw out our contentment and beg for something more…

  6. I’m with Quilly! Who is this other’s wife?
    I’m very sporadic too. Probably quitting blogging – the last post is up – but I’ll still visit from time to time.

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