Riddle Me This #1 – State of Mind

(Try not to Google – answers tomorrow)

Which US state is farthest East?

Which US state is farthest West?

Which US state is farthest North?

Which US state is farthest South?

Give an explaination for your answers.

Your prize is the knowledge that you are helping meĀ participate in this online world (even though my effort is a weak one.)

11 thoughts on “Riddle Me This #1 – State of Mind

  1. I think Maine is the farthest East, and Hawaii is the farthest South. North would be Alaska… but I’m not sure about west… that would also either be Alaska or Hawaii.

  2. Hawaii? You know, if you keep on going East long enough…. Ok, fine. I’ll guess Maine.

    West? Back to Hawaii. Or if you mean in the North American continent, Alaska. Come to think of it, if you’re using longitudinal lines, it would still be Alaska.

    North? Alaska

    South? Either Florida or Texas. Unless we’re back to Hawaii….

  3. My mom ran this one by me 35 years ago and I remember the answer. Alaska, Alaska, Alaska, Hawai’i. (The Alaskan Aleutians cross the 180th Long, which makes them the eastmost and westmost US land.

  4. Okay…I’m saying Alaska, Alaska, Alaska and Hawai’i. But as I learned in school, if you are talking about only the mainland (continuous 48) it is different. Maine, Washington, Minnesota and Florida. My reason is just because this is what I learned in school LOL

  5. Farthest east is probably Maine, Farthest west is probably Hawaii, Farthest north is probably Alaska, and Farthest south is probably Florida. I actually have not real idea without looking at a map, but these are my best guesses. Thanks for giving my brain a riddle to work on.

  6. Being North of the 49th I am going to sit back and watch.

    But if I had to guess,
    East ~ Maine
    West ~ Hawaii
    South ~ Hawaii
    North ~ Alaska

    I do know that Windsor Ontario is South of Detroit Michigan.

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