18 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Here, Boy

  1. Nessa — no wonder Nicholas didn’t want to come out. He knows you’re not supposed to feed babies chocolate! You probably scared him silly!

  2. Vanessa! It’s now one o’clock in the morning and I’m just making my blog rounds and I’ve missed your birthday. 🙁 I hope it was filled with everything that makes you happiest!!!!
    Happy Belated Birthday and Cheers to many, many more!!
    Loved this pic!

  3. You are not nice at all. Poor Nicholas. Trying to be lured out with cheap chocolate. pffft. Now ya should have used Mudslides no?

  4. THAT is hysterical!!! Maybe Nicholas has expensive taste… shoulda tried Godiva! (but he probably just wanted chocolate MILK – you know kids!)

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