Thursday Thirteen – How to Avoid Writing

I saw this at Alice’s Restaurant. I don’t know if there’s any rhyme or reason or if its just about the 13’s (my favorite number.)

So, here’s the list of how I avoided writing this week’s installment of Rose and Prince Brendan.

13 Ways to Avoid Writing

1. Look for 50 different websites about plotting and outlining your story.

2. Make another list of your characters, only this time put them in alphabetical order because organization is important.

3. See who’s online at Facebook even though you haven’t figure what to do once you know.

4. Keep going back to see responses to comments you left on blogs.

5. Spend 45 minutes trying to find a name like Panjoun or Panijaun or Porijoun or Ponyoun without success. I bet you wonder why. Me, too.

6. Look up former Roman Emperors for another 45 minutes for one single name for a new character for the story your are avoiding writing.

7. Go to the bathroom.

8. Go get a glass of water.

9. Read each piece of junk mail before sorting into two piles. Pile one for mail with no personal information on it that can be put in the paper recycle bag. Pile two is for papers with names and addresses that need to be shredded.

10. Shred each piece of junk mail individually so the shredder does not overheat.

11. Listen to the wind blow outside the window allowing the sound to lull you into a state of torpor. Look up the definition of “torpor” to make sure it is the word you wanted and not just a word you like because of the sound it makes in your head. Add the word “torpor” to your list of favorite words. Review the other words on that list, thinking of clever ways to use them in sentences.

12. Go to the bathroom.

13. Make this list.

23 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – How to Avoid Writing

  1. Go to the bathroom and find a frog in your toilet! LOL! This was my way of procrastinating yesterday!! Thanks for the comment – and I will have recipes posted very soon!!

  2. The trouble is I love writing, I am not only a chatterbox in life, but also on paper and now on internet. So the only things which could interrupt me to write is preparing food (because I have an hungry husband and 5 cats) and cleaning the litterbox !

  3. Great list….it completely demonstrates why I will never become a real writer….but I’m sure that you work past these things to actually get to the writing. Thanks for stopping by my list. Happy TT!

  4. Well, Vanessa, I won’t have to JOIN the ranks, I have been there for a long, long, time. I don’t do Facebook, as I don’t like their marketing strategy. You can’t read anyone’s unless you join. Boo.
    Your “torpor” work is in vogue right now. I saw on TV they are freezing people before they die and leave the bodies in wait until science can fix what ailed the person.
    When I came to New Hampshire I was told that is what they did with the older people for the winter, just freeze them. 🙂 They were teasing me but I tell it like it is true to people here, about the New Hampshire people doing that.
    One last item. Both of the poetry groups are friendly souls. It can be fun and no one makes fun of what you write (you do know that I am not a poet, some are). I don’t do many acrostics but my ‘Making Money’ got an honorable mention in last month’s. It was the only one I wrote for then.

  5. LOL! I don’t know why I’m reading your post, as if I need more ways to avoid writing! I’ve already got thousands of ways to procrastinate! LOL!

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