Thursday Thirteen – Favorite Words

13 These are 13 of my most favorite words, their definitions and yes, I used them in sentences. (I am still avoiding writing – participating in memes [is this a meme?] would be another way to keep doing so.)

1. dearth: an inadequate supply; scarcity; lack.

I always think dearth means the opposite because it sounds like girth, I gueth (sic).

2. cavort: to prance or caper about.

Let us cavort with the angels and stub our toes on the clouds.

3. bucolic: rustic; pastoral.

The bubonic plague is less prevalent in bucolic areas.

4. crapulous: sick from, or marked by, excessive drinking.

I feel crapulous each day after lunch.

5. fecund: fruitful; prolific; also, marked by intellectual productivity.

Fecund just sounds like someone has had lots of sex.

6. furtive: obtained or characterized by stealth; sly; secret; stealthy.

The furtive fellow followed far for facts.

7. bowdlerize: to remove or modify the parts considered offensive.

Lots of people want to bowdlerize the First Amendment.

8. flout: to treat with contempt and disregard.

Flout the stinky trout and anyone who smells like him.

9. truckle: to act in a subservient manner.

If you beat your husband with a buckle, he sure will truckle. (chuckle, chuckle)

10. rictus: a gaping grin or grimace.

i bet there’s a rictus on your face after reading this far.

11. verdant: green.

I am verdant with envy.

12. skulk: to hide in a sneaking manner.

If you were a ghost, you could skulk in a skull.

13. torpor: sluggish inactivity or inertia.

A heavy torpor has caused me to produce this list for you today. i could not manage anything more fascinating.

For more 13’s, “Just ask Alice, I think she’ll know.”

* * *Yesterday’s pictures were from when I took apart my old laptop to find the hard drive so I could get at the old files and then use it as extra storage space. It was easier than it looked. The hard drive was the first thing I pulled out only I didn’t know it. They should label these things. A $15.00 cable allowed me to use it with my new laptop. Can’t beat that. Anyone need any spare parts?

You know you like trivial trivia: When medieval clans wanted to downsize and dispose of unwanted folks without murdering them, they just burned their houses to the ground as a small hint. Thus the phrase “to get fired”

25 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Favorite Words

  1. Until reading this, I only knew one definition for Flout: to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock: to flout the rules of propriety.

  2. Oh Nessa, I really enjoyed reading this.
    Loved your sentences for 4,5, and 9.
    Are you saying your lunches are liquid lunches? 🙂
    I adored your sentence for #2 – cavorting with angels and stubbing toes on clouds is wonderful imagery.

  3. Collecting words is nice, and takes less room than collecting nick-nacks. My favorite word is catamaran, the boat. I just like the way it sounds when I say it.

  4. Nessa, I envy you with your fine vocabulary. Most of those words I know but don’t use some hardly at all. You must have had good schools or strict parents. 🙂
    Your three “F” words were amusing, I could get ‘fecund’ if it wre a part of the Jumbo Puzzle but still wouldn’t know how to use it. For me it sounds like it should be something vulgar.
    How about writing a paragraph today, another tomorrow, then add one the next day. Or double your effort. Just increase every third day. We have to get you going here.

  5. I used to find words in my parents Readers Digest and try to say them in sentances. I remember my mom saying, “That’s nice, dear.” No matter what word I said. LOL.

    Great list! Happy TT.

  6. You are so sweet with the link love!

    I would never use verdant that way. To me it is the special kind of green that comes from plants in a strong growth cycle. The verdant hills – we had a lot of them in Wisconsin, but hardly ever in Montana, no matter that the hills here are covered in pine.

  7. Some great words there Nessa.

    I particularly like #5 and your description of it! LOL

    5. fecund: fruitful; prolific; also, marked by intellectual productivity.

    Fecund just sounds like someone has had lots of sex.

  8. chuckle chuckle. You are awesome. I want to participate next Thursday in the thirteen! P.S. I’ll make sure Cindy reads your comments. Great contribution.

  9. Some really great words! Some I’ve heard before but most I don’t know the meanings of! Thanks for sharing their meanings, they’re so fascinating! =)

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