Silly Saturday #4 – Purdie Pyrate’s Halloween

20091022 Purdie Pyrate

This was Purdie Pyrate’s first appearance:

20090324 Purdie Pyrate

We are on our last camping weekend for the year. I do have internet. My aircard is working great. I hope to visit today.

Some of you wondered about the log cabin in yesterday’s post. This was part of a display in the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Center in Harrisburg PA. My daughter took me there to look at bows (I’m looking for a longbow – I may need to get one custom made – the closest they had were recurves.)



23 thoughts on “Silly Saturday #4 – Purdie Pyrate’s Halloween

  1. LOL…these are too funny and well done. Longbow as in bow and arrow? You Pocahontas Me Miles Standish LOL. Have a great camping trip πŸ™‚ I can’t imagine going camping in that cold weather brrrr

  2. Your log cabin from yesterday looks very similar to the log cabin my hubby made me years ago – along with 6 hand carved snowmen who represented each of my family members… until the dog ate them! πŸ™‚

    I hope you are having a BLAST on your last camping weekend of the year! And you should not be worrying about visiting US on your LAST camping weekend of the year! But … since you did… THANKS!

  3. I’m betting that (even though you might not admit) you will be ever-so-glad to be back in your own bed soon. Right? Wrong? My fingers are frozen just reading about your trip….

  4. Hi Nessa, This is just to say how much I appreciate your comments every day and I love your blog too! But it’s because all these data we are asked for before writing the comments that makes me lazy…And Am always kind of on the run.
    Could that be changed? If not, never mind. Just know I consider you are one great and fave follower!
    Blessings and sweet hugs

  5. Nessa, I like this guy you dreamed up. Are you trying to syndicate him?
    I would run a small ad for you and post him every day if he could be free for life on my blog. πŸ™‚
    Let me know.
    Or if you are looking for an agent, …

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