Revena’s Revenge: not a pretty love story

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Revena’s Revenge is a fantasy novel set in Baivarii, a land of alpine, fairy tale castles during the Dark Age.

Revena’s War Lord father, away for months on end, engages in brutal fighting to keep the Eastern Marches free of invaders. Her detached mother, bedridden from years of continuous and failed pregnancies, escapes her world with drugs.

Revena, a secret zoolinguist, grows up with unusual independence for a highborn girl and a set of accomplishments reserved for the educated and skilled male caste.

When her father comes home from his latest battle campaign, he forces her to marry a man she’s never met.

Her new husband and his mistress brutally abuse her beginning on her wedding night.

Revena decides she cannot and will not live like this.

Defying convention, Revena fights to win back her prized self-determination while rivals around her battle for land, wealth, and dominance in a game of blood and birthright.

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