This Week’s Plan

I am working on the second draft of my synopsis for Revena’s Revenge: not a pretty love story. The first draft was ok, but too short. I’m using a questionnaire that’s an amalgam of a couple I found online to help me gather all pertinent information. If it works out, I’ll share. In the meantime, …read more →

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New Look

I hope you like the new look of my author website. I will be posting updates here about my journey to the publication of my novels. I’m currently shopping Revena’s Revenge: not a pretty love story to agents.

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One Place

I am consolidating my posts. Come find me HERE at my main blog. http://goldennib.blogspot.com/ THIS is my official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vanessa.v.kilmer.official contact me via email at vanessavkilmer at gmail dot com

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Names and Sentences

My current WIP has to be done by the end of March. Yes, this March. March 31, 2013.  When you stop laughing, we will move on. I am working on the first book in a series. I am using Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways to get this done. It helps. It really does. The …read more →

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13 Chapter Titles for tSLBoM

Thirteen chapter titles for The Salt Lover’s Book of magic and their general themes. Salt the wounds – healing With a grain of salt – tranquility Worth it’s salt – wealth Back to the salt mines – career Salt of the earth – friends Salt it away – prosperity Salt Lake – scrying Don’t spill …read more →

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The Next Big Thing

I saw this meme on your WIP over at The Organic Writer and thought it would be a good way to start posting here again. What is your working title of your next novel? The Salt Lover’s Book of Magic Where did the idea come from for this novel? I like salt and I was …read more →

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what have you been up to lately

Here are my current projects and what I’ve done this week on each: The Salt Lover’s Guide to Magic – book Each section of the book is titled, defined and blurbbed, put on index cards and mounted on my murder board so I have a visual representation of the whole. Star Fish – mural I’ve …read more →

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Everyone Has the Answer

              you can’t know what’s in a person’s mind buried under the quiet, looking out from those eyes so please stop being sure of yourself preaching out of anger, reaching out from pain don’t use tragedy to further your agenda grieve in genuine sadness, shed tears from the heart …read more →

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What’s Real?

©  Daryl Edelstein See more wonderful images at Out and About in New York City My poem inspired by the image above: What’s Real? Read between the edges see what’s behind the reflections flung into the world what will you find? Is there substance to keep you satisfied more than a day an hour a minute? …read more →

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between you and me…

Between you and me… I have seven toes on my sinister foot. When I walk, I list in that direction. Shoes wear down on that side causing even greater leftist leanings. Between you and me… I like chartreuse but I’ve been told I’m a bit mentally loose; abstruse and obtuse. You’d have to be loony …read more →

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