Will It Get Done?

The intro to The 90-Day Novel includes two questions: Will it be good? and Will it get done? Alan Watt suggests that the first question prevents us from getting the necessary work accomplished, stops us from starting, prevents us from finishing. He says we need to ask ourselves the second question. This idea of getting …read more →

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Rabbit, Rabbit – Video

Go to my BLOG to see a Video of Rabbit, Rabbit – April 2012.      

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Dear Diary – 20120229

Chapter One of Married to Death (MtD) is done. I will not look at it again. I could spend the rest of my life re-writing one sentence and I know I will never get it perfect so I just have to stop somewhere.   I have my car back. The timing chain broke. Cost me …read more →

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Dear Diary – 20120215

THU – I did change the opening of Married to Death. I liked what I had but it needed more of a punch and I think I have it now. Re-writing is harder than writing.FRI – I went to the gym every day this week except Wednesday – that’s four days. I look forward to …read more →

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Dear Diary – 20120208

FRI – My mother called to say my 81 year old father definitely has dementia/Alzheimer’s. He had a doctor’s appointment today but she didn’t have much information. She’s going to give me the doctor’s phone number so I can call him and get some needed answers. SAT – My brother’s 50th birthday party at Pic-A-Lilli …read more →

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Let the Love Flow…

Today is my baby brother’s 50th birthday, so I am harassing him as a loving sister should. He is my only sibling and he’s 3 ½ years younger than I am. I am very proud of him. He is one of the best men I’ve ever known. He is a dedicated father and husband, son, uncle, …read more →

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Tip Toeing to the Terminus

I have accepted that many small steps will get me where I want to be long before one big giant leap that never happens. This should drastically reduce my stress levels by not setting me up for failure. Hugh plans can be very frightening and they cause me to freeze like a deer caught in …read more →

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What’s Behind the Red Door?

I have this reoccurring dream. I have been having it with few variations since I began school (maybe before that although I can’t really remember.) So here’s the gist of it:   I want to take several classes. I sign up for two classes, one math, and the other science. The math class is on …read more →

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rabbit, rabbit

~ click on the image to make biggerer ~ I did not finish NaNoWriMo this year (boo boo face.) I was so tempted to cheat but I figured what for – I’d only be cheating myself. I got about 30,000 words done, a complete story outline and a new writing program. I cleaned my entire …read more →

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Too Little but not Too Late

It won’t surprise you to know that I am behind on my word count. One would think after a weekend with no real plans, I would have used my time wisely and bulked up on my numbers but no, of course not. What did I do? I played with my Corel Paint Shop Pro X …read more →

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