Names and Sentences

My current WIP has to be done by the end of March. Yes, this March. March 31, 2013.  When you stop laughing, we will move on.

I am working on the first book in a series. I am using Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways to get this done. It helps. It really does.

The Series is called “Kidnapped By a God.” The keywords for the series are: Reincarnation, Peace via Oblivion, God/demon and Magic vs. Mundane.

The Sentence for the series is: A mundane, non-magical grandmother seeks peace in the form of oblivion but the primordial demon/god obsessed with her forces her to be repeatedly reincarnated.

The first part of each book will consist of stories about the woman and the god’s relationship and her past lives. The second part of each book will be magic theory and spells based on the main theme of each book.

Book One is called: The Salt Lover’s Book of Magic.

The keywords for Book One are: Salt, Cave, Water and Filicide.

I’m still working on The Sentence for The Salt Lover’s Book of Magic.